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Candidate slams ‘rinky dink’ sparklers, promises to legalize real fireworks

(AP Photo)

You may have seen of the Texas Law Hawk’s firework shenanigans, but have you heard about the other fireworks video making the rounds this Fourth of July? Candidate for Governor of Virginia, Ed Gillespie, is literally running on legalizing fireworks.

In a Facebook video, posted June 30th, the candidate calls Virginia fireworks “rinky dink” while holding a lit sparkler, and explains that fireworks in Tennessee and West Virginia are “true American fashion.”

“For a lot of Americans, our favorite part of celebrating Fourth of July is the fireworks!” he exclaims.

Of course fun isn’t the only reason Gillespie supports fireworks in his state.

“In Virginia we’re missing out on being able to create thousands of jobs and tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue,” Gillespie explains.

The clip ends with Gillespie just across his state’s border — where fireworks are legal — lighting a heavy-duty firework and running away as sparks fly.

We should be able to celebrate the Fourth of July in true American fashion — with fireworks! As governor, I’ll sign legislation to legalize consumer-grade fireworks in Virginia,” the video caption reads.

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