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28 times more coverage: Networks cover Trump tweets, ignore passage of Kate’s Law

Nicole Wallace discusses Trump tweets with Reverend Al Sharpton on NBC

The media’s job is simple: cover news and legislation that will affect consumers’ daily lives and future. Despite the House passing two new immigration laws Thursday, the liberal media chose to cover President Donald Trump’s twitter feed instead.

Media Research Center (MRC) found that networks dedicated 28 times more coverage to Trump’s tweets than to the passage of two major laws.

Last Thursday, Trump mocked MSNBC “Morning Joe” hosts in a pair of early-morning tweets that media obsessed with so much, they almost ignored the House passing Kate’s Law and a bill punishing sanctuary cities.


While these tweets are clearly improper, the news coverage they received seems extreme. “Collectively, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) dedicated a total of 12 minutes and 14 seconds to Trump’s attack against the MSNBC personality,” Newsbusters reported.

“ABC’s World News Tonight gave the tweet three minutes 45 seconds, CBS Evening News a whopping five minutes 29 seconds over two different segments, and NBC Nightly News set aside three minutes. All of them led their evening news program with Trump’s tweets.”

It’s not like the media was struggling to fill a slow news day. Legislation passed which aims to protect Americans and reduce crime — a much more pressing development than personal feuds on social media.

Kate’s Law, which increases penalties of deportees who illegally reenter the U.S., and a bill that strips sanctuary cities of federal funding were completely ignored by ABC and CBS. NBC spent just 26 seconds mentioning them.

Maybe the networks neglected to analyze them because they passed with bipartisan support.

Even if the media disagrees with President Trump, they have a duty to report policy impacting America rather than petty, personal drama.

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