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Trump is officially more pro-LGBT than Angela Merkel

President Donald Trump might be more socially conservative now, but after Friday’s vote in Germany, liberal hero Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against legalizing same-sex marriage. (AP Photo)

After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, liberals and progressives threw their support behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel as their last hope from having their agenda being completely thwarted. They even regarded her as the “Leader of the Free World” as a dig to Trump since that title is normally reserved for the American president.

And while Trump has been dragged by the LGBT community for being hostile towards their rights, it turns out that Merkel might have a leg up on Trump.

On Friday, Merkel voted against same-sex marriage in Germany, despite the measure passing the Bundestag and becoming legal by a vote tally of 393 to 226, reported The Independent.

“For me, marriage in German law is marriage between a man and a woman and that is why I did not vote in favor of this bill today,” Merkel told reporters following the vote.

Despite her reservations, she respects and supports the vote of the Bundestag.

“I hope that the vote today not only promotes respect between different opinions but also brings more social cohesion and peace,” she continued.

Trump’s administration has been accused of being homophobic despite the fact that a few days after being sworn into office, he announced that he will continue to enforce President Obama’s executive order that protects employees from anti-LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace. His genuine outreach to the LGBTQ community on the campaign trail was continually questioned by the Left, particularly when it came to the Orlando Pulse Nightclub terrorist attack.

Despite his own personal views on same-sex marriage, Trump, immediately following his election victory, said that his opinion on it is “irrelevant.”

“These cases have gone to the Supreme Court. They’ve been settled. And I’m — I’m fine with that,” Trump said.

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