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Twitter censors pro-life group again, doesn’t impose restrictions on Planned Parenthood censored meme

“I am not a potential human, I am a human with potential.”

Controversial? Hardly, but Twitter seems to thinks so.

The simple social media post is from the pro-life group Live Action and features an ultrasound of an unborn baby.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Live Action’s President and Founder Lila Rose explained that Twitter has previously flagged a number of the group’s tweets that show ultrasounds of unborn babies and fact check Planned Parenthood. Twitter has told Live Action that in order to advertise on its site, it must delete all tweets that advocate for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, document undercover investigations into Planned Parenthood, or display ultrasound images of pre-born children.

An article on the Live Action website lists all of the tweets flagged as “inflammatory or provocative.” It also contrasts some of these tweets with tweets deemed “acceptable” from Planned Parenthood that could also be considered “inflammatory or provocative.”

Live Action tried to set up a meeting with Twitter’s “policy committee,” which determines what content is offensive, but was told that such a meeting would not be possible.

The social media platform has responded to the accusations of censorship by saying “Twitter has clear, transparent rules that every advertiser is required to follow, and the political viewpoints of an organization do not impact how those rules are applied.”

The censorship is a big blow to Live Action, which relies heavily on social media to get around the mainstream media — which is in bed with Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.  According to Rose, Twitter’s actions clearly violate the company’s mission statement, which is “to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”

Twitter is not the only digital media company attempting to censor content from Live Action. YouTube placed a content warning on one of Live Action’s videos, warning potential viewers that the video may contain inappropriate content. The “inappropriate” content contained in the video does not contain graphic images, only a Planned Parenthood employee providing false information about the science of fetal development. The Planned Parenthood employee tells the girl in the video that fetuses do not have arms and legs at seven weeks gestation. The “inappropriate content” warning only appears if an internet user is not logged into YouTube.

In spite of recent attempts by digital media platforms to silence its voice, Live Action is not backing down from its mission to deliver the pro-life message to as many people as possible.  The group has started a campaign on its website to raise $40,000 by June 30 to help the organization “change more hearts and minds about abortion and create a culture of life.”    


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