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Teens arrested for selling water in DC immediately land new jobs

Water is free for all to consume on the National Mall, but don’t you dare bottle and sell it without the government’s permission. (Photo via Tim Krepp/Twitter)

Rarely does getting arrested lead to landing a new job. However, in the case of four teenagers who were arrested for selling water on the National Mall without a permit, it actually happened.

Nolan White and Devin Gatewood, both 17 years old, were two of four people who were arrested by Park Police last Thursday, and because someone snapped of photo of them in handcuffs, their future and now current employer took notice of it on social media, reported WJLA.

Raymond Bell, founder and administrator of the H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Excel) Project, tracked down White and Gatewood and immediately offered the two 17-year-olds positions to teach them about information technology.

“I’m an entrepreneur myself and I love seeing young people having an interest in working for themselves,” Bell told WJLA. “We hope to be bringing them on board as iPhone screen technicians here at H.O.P.E. Project.”

Not only is this a great opportunity for these teens to get some crucial experience this summer, it also fights back against government overreach. Democrats are determined to keep regulations in place that completely cripple entrepreneurship and stifle small businesses from growing.

The government is essentially extorting these teens by telling them that they can do whatever they want on federally owned land, so long as the government gets a cut. Thankfully, the four individuals, including White and Gatewood, were let off with a warning, and that social media helped the story go viral as that ultimately led to the two teens linking up with Bell (who is also attempting to reach out to the other two detained in the photo).

“I just want to thank the guy who took the picture, but without him, none of these opportunities would have been possible,” White said to WJLA.

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