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Sorry media, James O’Keefe does not “selectively edit”

(AP Photo/Vanessa Gera)

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a bombshell video on Tuesday showing John Bonifield, a CNN Health Supervising Producer, admitting that the entire Russia conspiracy is “mostly bulls–t” and CNN is just pursuing the story for ratings. This story broke just 24 hours after three CNN employees resigned in disgrace after publishing a bogus Trump-Russia story that the website was forced to take down.

CNN basically shrugged off the video, insisting that they support diverse opinions on their network. Other mainstream news outlets quickly came to CNN’s defense stating that the work of a few people is not emblematic of the company. They even accused O’Keefe of “selectively editing” his footage.

Disgraced writer Dave Weigel of The Washington Post tweeted the CNN producer really just seems annoyed about the Russia scandal and only describes the story as “bulls–t” after O’Keefe’s undercover reporter says the word.

The New York Times’ Sopan Deb took it a step farther and accused O’Keefe of “deceptively editing” the footage.

Neither of those statements is true. In the video, the CNN producer said that there’s no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, the network is pushing the story because it gets big ratings, and that the CEO of network told his employees after the Paris Climate Accord to focus on the Russia story.

“Why is CNN constantly like, Russia this? Russia that?” asked O’Keefe’s undercover reporter. “Because it’s ratings… our ratings are incredible right now,” the CNN producer responded.

Bonifield called the whole story bulls–t after O’Keefe’s journalist but then further elaborated saying Trump is right to call it a witch hunt based on no evidence. At no point in the video did it appear that the Project Veritas journalist was feeding him lines.

As far as selectively or deceptively editing videos, the media has used that line to attack O’Keefe for nearly a decade, but never has been able to state what he edited in order to make his subjects look so bad.

In full disclosure, I used to work for O’Keefe back in 2011. During that time, he was regularly accused of selectively editing, and he responded by releasing the full unedited videos online to ask the media to point out where he misrepresented his subjects. They never could.

My relationship and employment with O’Keefe ended on a sour note, so this shouldn’t be confused as defending someone out of personal loyalties. In all my time working with him though, he had higher journalistic standards than most mainstream outlets to freely edit without ever releasing their notebooks and release some stories based entirely on anonymous sources.

Watch O’Keefe’s video below: