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NY Times lavishes praise on ‘famous’ YouTuber (because he’s anti-Trump)


The New York Times ran a glowing review on its Sunday paper of “YouTube star” Randy Rainbow… go ahead look him up, we didn’t know who he was either.

Rainbow makes parody videos of Donald Trump, his administration, and other notable conservatives, like Bill O’Reilly.

The Times gushed over his following 66,000 YouTube subscribers and 600,000+ Facebook fans including Perez Hilton, RuPaul, and Debra Messing. They also praised his edgy comedy with jokes like Vladimir Putin being in a relationship with Trump and Ivanka having the ASSets in the administration. Look out Anthony Jeselnik — someone is breaking new ground!

He’s become such a big sensation that even Dan Savage, the guy from 2012 who made fun of Rick Santorum and then produced a couple of failed TV shows, praised him.

Yes, The Times’ praise for Rainbow’s mediocrity is overwhelming enough that it almost proves white privilege is real.

While Rainbow’s following is decent, it doesn’t compare to the treasure trove of anti-PC, anti-social justice, Gen-Z YouTubers that dominate the medium and are utterly ignored by most mainstream outlets.

British anti-SJW Sargon of Akkad generates videos on nearly a daily basis and has a following nearly four times as large as Rainbow’s on Twitter and ten times as big on YouTube. Other stars like Blair White, Neel Kolhatkar, and ShoeOnHead also have much larger followings than Rainbow.

The liberal YouTuber’s 31 million hits for his video “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” pales in comparison to Kolhatkar’s “Modern Educayshun,” which earned more than 54 million Facebook views and 7 million YouTube views.

Still, anything right-wing, center-right, or just anti-SJW goes totally ignored by the tastemakers in the mainstream press. They have donned Rainbow as being a “gay cult hero” attracting fans all over Greenwich Village.

These media writers and pundits are the same people who insist that they’re not the ones living in a bubble.

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