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Businessman breaks up with the media via massive billboard

Wellstar Groundwater courtesy photo

Everything is bigger in Texas and apparently, breakups are no different.

A man “broke up” with ABC News via billboard on Interstate 10 in Boerne, Texas, about 30 miles outside of San Antonio.

The billboard reads, “ABC News: I grew up with you. We are through. The Russians did not elect Donald Trump. I did.”

Kyle Courtney, who owns C & C Groundwater Services and Wellstar Groundwater Technologies, said that he raised the billboard on June 20, and will leave it up for around two months.

In a statement provided by a Wellstar Groundwater Technologies spokesman, Courtney said he stopped watching the station and erected this billboard because they have “lost touch with America and forgot the working man”. He is fed up with ABC News’ bias against Donald Trump.

“They don’t represent our voice anymore. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was funded by the Clinton Foundation in close coordination with the media, and now we’re seeing them try to fix what they couldn’t fix during the election,” Courtney’s statement said.

The statement continued to accuse ABC of biased reporting.

“They are doing everything they can, night after night, to create narratives and sway people’s direction to impeach Donald Trump. Our democracy is at stake when a major political party and the media are in bed together.”

Courtney is not alone in his observation of bias media coverage.

A Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy study  found that 80 percent of the coverage for Trump’s first 100 days was negative. The study analyzed the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and the newscast coverage of CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox News, BBC, the Financial Times in London, and ARD in Germany.

It also compared numbers for previous presidents: Barack Obama, 41 percent negative; George W. Bush, 57 percent negative; and Bill Clinton, 60 percent negative.

Trump’s campaign constituted 41 percent of national news — three times that of any other president.

“The sheer level of negative coverage gives weight to Trump’s contention, one shared by his core constituency, that the media are hellbent on destroying his presidency,” the study’s author Thomas Patterson wrote. “Trump’s coverage during his first 100 days set a new standard for negativity.”

The study critiqued Trump’s actions for the results. “Never in the nation’s history has the country had a president with so little fidelity to the facts, so little appreciation for the dignity of the presidential office, and so little understanding of the underpinnings of democracy,” the author wrote.

It also pointed blame to journalists.

“At the same time, the news media need to give Trump credit when his actions warrant it,” the study said. “The public’s low level of confidence in the press is the result of several factors, one of which is a belief that journalists are biased.”

Patterson concluded by stating that the press’ negative coverage had not changed the public’s view of Trump, and and that the media will only regain trust when they report impartially for both parties.


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