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Yes feminists, Karen Handel’s victory is a victory for all women

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On Tuesday evening, Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff with 53 percent of the vote in a special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. After a particularly competitive and media-obsessed race, Handel shattered another glass ceiling, becoming the first Republican woman to represent the Peach State in Congress. For whatever reason, Democrats seemed to be shocked a district that had been solidly red for the last four decades elected Handel, despite pouring $24 million dollars into newcomer Ossoff.

At the end of her acceptance speech, Handel said, “Tomorrow the real work will begin, the hard work of governing and doing that in a civil responsible way that is in the best interest of every Georgian, every sixth district citizen and every citizen of the United States of  America as we prepare to send Georgia’s first Republican woman to Congress.”

What would seem to be a natural victory for all women has left liberals in a tizzy. Why? Handel is a free-thinking individual who doesn’t fall in line with the lockstep leftist agenda. Apparently, it is only a victory for women if it is a liberal woman who is succeeding.

An article released by The Huffington Post yesterday took a moment to remind the world that “Being a woman does not automatically make you good for womankind ― especially if your woman-y career has been dedicated to making life harder and worse for lots of women.” Additionally, the article quoted Jennifer Wright, a Harper’s Bazaar writer who said, “feminism does not dictate that you are required to like every stupid woman you encounter.”

The article criticizes Handel for supporting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, her pro-life stance and support of voter-ID laws. It also attempts to call out Handel for denying $700,000 of funding from Planned Parenthood when she worked at the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Conveniently, the article failed to note that Jon Ossoff accepted nearly $800,000 in campaign donations from Planned Parenthood ― money that could have went to what Planned Parenthood claims to be their top priority, women’s healthcare.

Shouldn’t we all be championing intellectual diversity and the fact that women can think for themselves? How is falling in line with this kind of groupthink empowering to women?

This is just another instance in an exhausting stream of the Left not practicing what they preach. Instead of celebrating the success of all women, liberals have yet again chosen to exile women for simply daring to think differently.

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