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Justice Department honors transgender student at LGBT Pride event

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

The Trump Administration has been taking heat from LGBTQA groups for not celebrating gay pride. After weeks of doubt, it was announced on Thursday that they were planning on honoring lawyers and a student advancing transgender rights at a pride event next week.

Courtney Hagle, an intern at DOJ, asked Sessions during a question and answer format about the lack of acknowledgment by the White House and the administration over Pride month.

Sessions announced that they were planning to recognize gay pride with an event on June 28th where they would honor lawyers and transgender student Gavin Grimm who advanced the cause of transgender rights.

“We are going to have a pride group, in this very room, I think next week, I believe it is, and so that’s perfectly appropriate, and we will protect and defend and celebrate that — and protect the rights of all transgender persons,” Sessions said in response to an intern.

“For example, I received a letter expressing concern about the sudden transgender persons who had been killed, and concern about it, and so I, first thing, directed the civil rights division to look into those … to see if there was any uniform attack, or if there was just a uniform hostility that would result in these murders, and to review each one of those cases that were sent to me,” he said. “And they have done that, and I think it’s possible that they’re going to re-open one and solve it, as a result of that.”

With the announcement that they’re planning on honoring members of the queer community and especially honor those who have contributed to the fight for transgender rights, it seems obvious that LGBTQAI groups should start to praise Trump. Nonetheless, it seems highly doubtful because many leaders and activists in these organization are Democrats first and gay/trans second.

(h/t Buzzfeed)

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