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Millennial spends six times more than opponent but complains about ‘money in politics’

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Down south in Georgia last night, a woman overcame the odds to win a seat in Congress and prove that money can’t always buy elections. Unfortunately for Democrats, that underdog named Karen Handel is a Republican.

Her election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District undercuts the narrative that sexism and money direct the electorate. Biology and a comparatively slim bank account couldn’t hold Handel back during the race.

Either Democrat Jon Ossoff wasn’t paying attention or he’s really bad at math though. Before the special election polls closed, the 30-year-old aspiring boy wonder went on NPR to complain about money in politics.

“The role of money in politics is a major problem and particularly the role of unchecked anonymous money,” Ossoff said. “There have been super PACs in Washington who have been putting up tens of millions of dollars of attack ads in air for months now.”

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