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Study: Democrats cheat more, yet are still having less sex than Republicans

(Associated Press)

Politics and sex have a lot in common. A prospective candidate has to work hard appealing to their constituency, deliver clear messaging, and ensure they can give the people what they want. According to a new study, it turns out that Republicans are outperforming Democrats at the ballot box and in a more personal box.

Professor Nicholas H. Wolfinger of the Institute for Family Studies released a report on Monday showing that Republicans were getting laid a lot more frequently than Democrats and Independents. And they’re doing it more than both of them.

“This finding left me curious about how specific components of relational bliss might be affected by political leanings. The answer is surprising: Republicans have more sex than Democrats and cheat less on their spouses. Political independents have sex even more often than Republicans but cheat at the same rate Democrats do,” the report stated.

The high level of millennials registering as Independents could be a big factor as to why they’re having the most sex, but cheating as much as Democrats.

Independents and Republicans are 22 percent and 11 percent more likely to get laid than Democrats on a weekly basis, respectively.

Republicans are also 23 percent less likely to cheat on their significant other than Democrats and Independents.

Wolfinger believes the difference is cultural and the significant marriage gap between Republicans and Democrats. While liberals are using their finger to swipe left and right on Tinder, conservatives are putting a ring on it.

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