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Ashton Kutcher plays pro-life character in new TV show

(Associated Press)

Ashton Kutcher is one of Hollywood’s most famous liberal Democrats, but increasingly in public, he’s made comments that would raise doubts in the eyes of his fans.

In his new Netflix show, The Ranch, Kushner plays a football player turned rancher who always strives to do the right thing, including trying to convince his girlfriend not have an abortion, reported Newsbusters.

Kushner said he wanted the show to talk about hot button political issues and try to deal with them in a more complex manner than television shows have in the past.

“None of these issues are cut-and-dried and simple,” Kutcher told Parade. “If it were easy, people would just fix it! What this show gets to do is unpack these issues in a different way—and empower people to laugh while exploring them.”

The very first episode showed Kushner’s character being told by his girlfriend that she is pregnant with his child and he responds by manning up, buying a little football jersey, and telling her that the baby will be his first priority. Conflict arises when she tells him that she wants to terminate the pregnancy and he tells her he can’t support her on the choice.

“No, I’m going to be there with you,” Kushner’s character said. “It’s not about what I want anymore, this isn’t about me, it’s about this kid, and we’re going to have to make sacrifices.”

He goes so far as calling abortion “the easy way out.”

Since 2013 when he played Apple founder Steve Jobs in a movie, despite being a progressive liberal he’s made speeches about the importance of work, creating jobs, and taking responsibility. Now he’s playing one of the most prominent pro-life characters on a TV show.

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