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Has Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ become ‘Big Bezos’?

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Is America becoming a dystopia? Fox Business’ Charles Payne shared a fascinating theory on his show Making Money. He believes George Orwell’s 1984 description of Big Brother could be seen in modern life as Big Tech, with three or four major companies controlling all our personal information.

Payne said:

“There is no doubt George Orwell got everything right but one thing. Government isn’t going to be Big Brother.  I think it will be combination of Amazon, Google & Facebook… Like Orwell’s telescreens this is about electronic appliances that not only listen and spy on everything you say and do in private but maintaining a recordings of those communications.

“This is about these companies knowing you better than you know yourself and understanding how to manipulate that knowledge. Newspeak is already happening it’s the new language of acronyms, hashtags and emojis…

“Unlike the NSA and other agencies we are inviting these companies to spy on us. They don’t need courts, warrants or even nefarious tactics.” 

Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff and Red Alert Editor Ron Meyer joined Payne to discuss his theory. Meyer joked that “Big Brother has become Big Bezos,” as in Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon — which acquired Whole Foods yesterday.

Here’s the segment: