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Oregon becomes first state to allow third gender option


A new rule was adopted by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles on Thursday. Drivers can now choose if they’re male, female, or x.

Oregon became the first state in the union to allow a third gender option for non-binary people who don’t identify as a man or woman. Gender activists were overjoyed by the news and hoped that it would start a movement across all 50 states to adopt the measure, reported The Guardian.

“This change in ID is a huge piece of validation for me,” J Gibbons, a 26-year-old non-binary Portland resident said to The Guardian. “The state of Oregon sees me for who I am. I don’t even think ‘excitement’ can capture all of my emotions about this change.”

The Oregon DMV decided to change their rules after Jamie Shupe, a non-binary Oregonian, successfully petitioned a judge to recognize them as neither male nor female.

Residents can now freely change their gender on their driver’s licenses without a doctor’s note saying they are transgender or non-binary.

Ultimately, the goal of gender activists is to add a third non-binary option on birth certificates, an idea currently being debated in Canada and California.

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