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Why is it sexist when men interrupt Kamala Harris, but not Betsy DeVos?

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After Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., was interrupted not once, but twice, by male colleagues in a short succession of days, liberals leapt at the opportunity to champion her #persistence in the face of alleged sexism.

Even the mainstream media slyly hopped on the bandwagon, subtly betraying an unspoken sympathy. “Once again, senators cut off Harris as she rails on Sessions,” a CNN headline declared. The Hill wrote, “Kamala Harris questioning cut off for second week in a row”. People Magazine headlined its story on the dustup, “Sen. Kamala Harris Fires Back After She’s Repeatedly Interrupted by Male Colleagues During Sessions Testimony.” Harris even earned a Twitter Moment titled, “Male colleague interrupts Kamala Harris at Sessions’ hearing.”

But where were those headlines for Betsy DeVos?

The education secretary was interrupted repeatedly by men during her confirmation hearing, and on occasions since, but the Left has celebrated those interruptions, not denounced them.

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