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Communist professor makes $170,000 bashing capitalism in class

Want to teach others to spread the wealth while also make a boatload of money? Then teaching about the evils of capitalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison might be the place for you. (AP Photo)

If you’re a college professor in the United States teaching about how great communism is, you better be ready for some marvelous irony.

It was reported earlier this week that Dr. Erik Olin Wright from the University of Wisconsin-Madison is teaching a graduate class about the brilliance of communism and Marxism while bashing capitalism.

There’s one problem with his mission: he makes an annual salary of $170,000.

The class titled “Class, State, and Ideology: An Introduction to Social Science in the Marxist Tradition,” teaches that capitalism “generates harms” and “injustices,” which “can be broadly grouped under three rubrics: exploitation, domination and irrationality.”

The irony is richer than the salary Wright makes.

How can a professor in good conscience teach about how terrible capitalism is while benefitting from it? In the same token, how can a college professor teach such a one-sided course in which they ignore the atrocities and the hundreds of millions of people who died from communism?

It’s similar to learning that Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to hit back at the top one percent all while he’s raking in over a million dollars per year and living out of three mansions.

Gotta love Leftist logic.

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