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PPP 2020 poll: Trump beats Warren among millennials

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

A liberal-leaning polling group just released polling data on the election… the 2020 election. Please don’t roll your eyes.

Unsurprisingly, the PPP poll says former Vice President Joe Biden does the best of the potential Democrat field against President Trump, winning 54 to 41 percent. California Sen. Kamala Harris, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker were also polled. Sanders beats Trump by 10 percent, and the others are within the margin of error. With this media cycle, those results are to be expected.

Here’s where it gets fun: PPP polling breaks out their results by age. Among millennials aged 18-to-29, Trump is beating Warren and Booker by 2 percent — winning 37 to 35 percent and 38 to 36 percent, respectively.

That’s right. Warren is not the heir to Sanders’ socialist millennial throne. Neither is Booker. Sanders and Biden both perform significantly better than Warren.

In fact, even in this terrible news cycle, Trump has a solid base of millennial support. Even against Sanders, Trump wins 32 percent of the vote, compared to Sanders’ 54 percent. Against Biden, Trump wins 37 percent — the same percentage he won in 2016 — and Biden wins 51 percent.

Of course, in this same poll, 53 percent of millennials support impeaching Trump, 60 percent support keeping Obamacare over the AHCA, and 62 percent would rather still have President Obama in office.

Millennials have wildly differing views that aren’t necessarily tied to ideology. Trump over-performed with millennials in 2016, and if the Democrats run either Warren or Booker, they could be in trouble again.

The Democrats’ best shot isn’t with their freshmen senators, it’s with candidates who would be the oldest in history: Sanders and Biden.

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