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Poll: Millennials most likely to say “Trump has made America great again”

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Millennials — the supposed “Snowflake Generation” — are the most likely to believe “Trump has made America great again,” according to a poll this week from the left-leaning PPP group.

They asked, “Do you think that Donald Trump has made America Great Again, or not?” Millennials were even more likely than seniors to say Trump has made America great again. 39 percent of those ages 18-to-29 agreed that Trump has made America great, while just 31 percent of those ages 30-to-45 and 37 percent of those older than 45-years old agreed.

Among all voters, 36 percent said Trump has made America great again, while 56 percent disagreed. 50 percent of millennials disagreed.

Now, even the most ardent Trump supporters would argue that Trump needs more than a few months to #MAGA, but these poll numbers do show something more real.

Trump has grown a real base of millennial support. As I said about this poll in earlier coverage today, he beats Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker among millennials in hypothetical 2020 matchups. His lowest amount of millennial support is against Senator Bernie Sanders, winning just 32 percent. However, in this awful news cycle, support in the upper 30s from this typically left-leaning group is surprisingly good.

This higher than normal support likely comes from rust-belt states where the economy had been sagging. Trump’s executive regulatory reform, combined with his efforts to get the energy industry going, are already giving hope to young job-seekers in these regions.

To be fair, millennials are quite divided nationwide, and the majority despise the president. 53 percent of millennials support impeaching Trump, 60 percent support keeping Obamacare over the AHCA, and 62 percent would rather have President Obama back in office. 28 percent of millennials think it is appropriate to body slam a reporter.

But, when millennials are the most likely to agree with a Republican’s main slogan, either the president is doing some good outreach or the millennials polled are doing a fantastic job trolling the pollster. Considering the other results in the poll are pretty consistent with other polls, there’s a good chance these #MAGA poll results are real news.

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