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“Medieval”: California Governor bashes U.S. in China, signs his own climate agreement

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Following President Trump’s decision to have the United States depart from the Paris Climate Accord, individual states and cities have taken steps to partner with them on their own. With little to no surprise, California announced its climate agreement with China this week. Yes, that China. 

How quaint. If there was any mystery of what type of government California was aiming to emulate, Gov. Jerry Brown’s visit to Beijing should lay all curiosity to rest- or drudgery. Take your pick.

A global forum for environmental energy was hosted in the capital. President Xi Jinping decided to meet with Gov. Jerry Brown during the conference. The Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, also attend the forum. 

During Gov. Jerry Brown’s time with the press he pronounced the U.S. Congress as “a crowd that doesn’t believe science, doesn’t believe in birth control.”

The incautious gall for Gov. Brown to bring up birth control in a country who loosened its one-child policy only two years ago is rather appalling. To correlate the prevention of climate change with population control is equivalent to radical, apocalyptic environmentalists considering themselves as unworthy of breathing.

Gov. Jerry Brown continued, “That is really going back to some medieval period. It’s really hard to believe.”

This is ridiculous claim when, in fact, many climate change advocates would have developed countries resort to a pre-industrial revolution state of production– which is asinine. Radical environmentalists want our economy to be medieval.  

California’s directive to partner with China will further strangle the over-regulated state.

China nearly doubled its CO2 emissions since signing the Paris Accord. They were not required to meet any other their agreement until 2030.

The question is not whether climate change is occurring; however it is how much humans are actually contributing to it. To assert that humans’ impact on climate change is the determining factor of absolute destruction is an alarmist manipulation of data.

A United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report in 2006 concluded that 18 percent of the emissions world-wide were caused by methane produced by livestock. Only about 9 percent was caused by human-related activity. Over the past two years, NASA has observed the ozone repairing itself.

China set to invest $300 billion in renewable energy by 2020. China has also had two stock market crashes in the past two year. It doesn’t appear to be an effectively sound plan to make China cleaner or economically more stable.

With haphazard results, don’t expect any benefits for California.

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