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Infrastructure Week, like much of Trump’s agenda, has been Russia-ed

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This week was to be Infrastructure Week, the week President Trump revealed details of his agenda to rebuild crumbling American infrastructure and reclaim transportation as an issue Republicans control.

What happened to Infrastructure Week? Russia.

Russia took over the news, yet again, as former FBI Director James Comey is set to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on the claims that Trump asked him not to investigate former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn about his ties to Russia. The media hasn’t covered any of Trump’s infrastructure ideas and has instead replaced those segments with experts talking about the upcoming Comey hearing, months-old and unproven accusations of Trump’s ties to Russia, and the inevitable and unexplainable efforts to impeach Trump.

To the media’s credit, there were a few stories slamming Trump’s idea to privatize the FAA. And unfortunately, Congress isn’t much better. The House and Senate have made no significant progress advancing or promoting an infrastructure package, and most of the talk on the Hill this week has been focused on Comey… or at best on the Senate’s inability to pass a health care bill and both House’s inability to pass tax reform.

For Americans stuck in traffic going to work or visiting relatives in the summer months, there is no hope or relief. I wrote this week about how a conservative infrastructure bill should be structured. It didn’t matter. Barrels of online ink have been spent on how Trump and Republicans can pass tax reform and health care reform. Still no action.

Russia is playing a role in elections, but it’s more the 2018 election than the 2016 election.

Democrat leadership and their allies in the press have derailed the GOP agenda — even a bi-partisan infrastructure spending bill — using unproven allegations on Trump’s ties to Russia. Is it because Democrat leadership cares about the integrity of elections? Oh, come on. It’s all about building the momentum for a landslide in 2018. Russia is the main issue in most Democrats’ campaigns for Congress in 2018.

And while this focus on Russia is devoid of a positive Democrat agenda, it could work in 2018 if Republicans let it work. If Republicans don’t get a positive agenda passed and implemented they’re asking for a beating in 2018. Instead of putting out statements about Comey and playing defense, Republicans should embrace Infrastructure Week (the three days left of it) and explain to voters how they plan to rebuild America’s economic infrastructure.

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