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WaPo writer: It’s not hypocritical for Bernie to be a millionaire socialist

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Bernie Sanders has made a fortune by selling socialism to college students, informing them that their life would be better had it not been for those pesky millionaires and billionaires. Despite the glaring hypocrisy, not everyone in the mainstream media wants to expose the Vermont Senator.

When news broke on Monday that Sanders had made more than a million dollars in 2016 alone, many conservatives saw the irony. However, Dave Weigel of The Washington Post insisted that there was no story there.

Weigel’s tweet was mocked by the left and right for refusing to acknowledge the obvious hypocrisy of Sanders berating the wealthy and talking about socialism only to become rich himself, giving little in charitable donations, and pays fewer taxes than Donald Trump.

The WaPo writer has had a history of being partisan. Back in 2010, he had to quit the Post when leaked e-mails revealed that Weigel was saying derogatory remarks about conservatives including that he hoped Rush Limbaugh’s heart failed, that conservative media sought to protect white privilege, called Matt Drudge and Glenn Beck racists, called James O’Keefe an ‘ACORN ratf**cker,’ and even called pro-life Democrat Rep. Daniel Lipinski (Ill.) a “monster” for his opposition to abortion in Obamacare.

Despite WaPo‘s decision to take Weigel back, he has not backed down on his partisan anti-Republican rhetoric. In 2016, the paper’s Managing Editor Cameron Barr called out Weigel’s tweets about a GOP congressional candidate as being “inappropriate and unacceptable.”

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