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ESPN downplays study revealing perceptions of liberal bias

(photo via ESPN)

by Melissa Quinn

ESPN this week downplayed the results of a new study that said most people who think the sports channel is biased believe it leans to the left.

A survey conducted by ESPN and Langer Research Associates found that 30 percent of those asked think ESPN is biased. Within that group, 63 percent think the channel has a liberal bias, and 30 percent think it has a conservative bias.

But in a Monday story on the survey, ESPN only mentioned the 30 percent who think the channel has a conservative bent, and made no mention of the 63 percent who think it’s liberal. When asked why the 63 percent figure wasn’t included in the ESPN story, a spokesman for ESPN said in an email to the Washington Examiner it was “implied.”

The study was released on the heels of a decline in subscribers to ESPN, which many said was due to perceptions of political bias. The network lost more than 10 million subscribers over the last few years, according to the New York Times.

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