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“Chalkman”: Student leads rebellion against anti-white leftists at Evergreen State

God bless this man and his love for Limp Bizkit. (YouTube screenshot)

Political correctness and identity politics have essentially shut down Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington after leftist students tried to force all white people off campus for their annual “Day of Absence.” The campus has been shut down since last Thursday.

However, one freshman student by the name of Nolan (who didn’t provide his last name) is leading the resistance against these PC mobs with some chalk and an undying love for 90s nü-metal band Limp Bizkit.

Nolan has expressed support for Bret Weinstein, the progressive biology professor who refused to give in to the protesters’ demands, by writing he “did it all for the nookie.” Nolan and a few friends have also been writing relatively uncontroversial messages, including “we want to learn” and “college is not a safe space.”

But what’s gotten protesters pissed off at Nolan was when he wrote over their graffiti calling for Weinstein’s firing with “Limp Bizkit did nothing wrong.”

In a video posted to YouTube by one of his friends, Nolan was both verbally and physically assaulted where social justice warriors poured water on him and ripped off his glasses.

Speaking to Heat Street, Nolan said he’s trying to expose how intolerant these leftist students are. “I wrote it to prove these guys aren’t here to have a discussion, they are here to violently bully the campus into submission. It wasn’t the most intimidating bunch and I felt I was in control of the situation.”

Nolan is well aware that if he fought back in any way, he would ultimately be the one facing punishment from the school’s administration.

“Being a white male, I felt if I was to attack back it would be very bad,” he said. “That situation could be flipped very poorly in my direction.”

Ever since that confrontation, Nolan’s social justice warrior friends have turned on him and have started calling him a “Nazi” and “white supremacist.”

“One of my SJW friends sold me out to the crowd,” Nolan continued. “One of these nights I woke up to 16 texts calling me cis scum and a white supremacist.”

Nolan’s been followed everywhere he goes by this mob, and they’re carrying baseball bats with them to intimidate him.

Still, no one in the college administration are stopping them.

Since social justice warriors on campus erupted in protest, Evergreen State College President George Bridges has capitulated to every demand they’ve made. White professors, staff, and students are routinely told to go “f–k themselves” for not leaving.

The takeover is well beyond absurd and seems to come straight out of a movie, and few outlets have even covered what’s going on there. Yet, that’s not stopping people like Nolan and his friends from trolling the resistance with Limp Bizkit memes. Fred Durst would be so proud.