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Adam Carolla: Caving to college protestors is like caving to ISIS

Comedian Adam Carolla teamed up with author Dennis Prager to end safe spaces on college campuses once and for all. (AP Photo)

College campuses have become such a cesspool for free speech and political discourse that a comedian who never went to college feels the need to do something about it.

Adam Carolla, who used to host The Man Show on Comedy Central and is now hosts his own daily podcast, has teamed up with radio personality and author Dennis Prager for a college tour and documentary called “No Safe Spaces.” They currently are crowdfunding to produce the film on Indiegogo.

In an interview with Red Alert Politics, Carolla said that there wasn’t a single incident that made him want to start this venture. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back for him was when conservative commentator and author Heather Mac Donald was disrupted by protesters at Claremont McKenna College for her criticism of Black Lives Matter. In her book The War on Cops, Mac Donald argued that black-on-black violence is a bigger threat to African Americans than violence committed by the police.

“To me, Heather Mac Donald talking about Black Lives Matter, I just feel like here’s a fairly innocuous person trying to ironically save a few lives,” Carolla said. “And her getting shut down, maybe that’s where we crossed over [into insanity land].”

For Carolla, his biggest gripe is when college presidents and professors get in on the act.

“The people to blame are all the presidents who are cowards for not standing up to a group of insane 19-year-olds!” Carolla exclaimed. “This caving to their demands is pretty much like caving to ISIS every time they abduct a CNN film crew. Like all it’s going to do is lead to more abductions.”

Listen to the whole conversation with Adam Carolla below: