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I am not a progressive feminist

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Looking back at history, women attained the right to vote due to the women’s suffrage movement. Afterward, in the 1960s, women achieved the milestone of progression in the United States to work outside of the traditional gender roles from the housewife to the modern day career woman. The feminist movement of our nation’s past overcame obstacles of social injustice for modern women to thrive in the male-dominated society.  

Long ago, I used to believe the feminist movement established itself in women’s empowerment by working together with our male counterparts to change the status quo of women in the workplace.

Today, I no longer call myself a feminist.

The ripple effects of modern day progressive-driven feminism broke down the roots of society: marriages and the family. Progressive feminism normalized the casual sex craze by glorifying sex without mutual feelings in our culture. These behaviors of tolerating sexual violence in relationships as progressive feminism are depicted in modern pop culture, like in Fifty Shades of Grey.

As a result, progressive feminism characterized patriarchy and the male gender as the collective enemy. Stay-at-home moms are now looked down upon by progressive feminists. Progressive feminism discourages women from the gift of motherhood by persistently reeducating teenagers and young women into believing that the killing of an unborn baby through an abortion is a woman’s right. The progressive feminism movement fosters the victimization of womanhood by classifying women as weak and submissive for the objective of obtaining equality.

The Women’s March took place the day after President Trump’s inauguration. I watched the Women’s March on cable news networks disguising themselves as a progressive feminist movement with the agenda to emasculate men to empower women. Predominately pro-life groups with women upholding the values of feminism were not allowed to sponsor the Women’s March. Conservative women are alienated from the progressive feminism movements because our beliefs and values of upholding life do not align with the with the Women’s March. As a result, female Trump supporters and conservatives were not represented in the Women’s March. On March 8, 2017, the organizers of the Women’s March scheduled a nationwide strike called “A Day Without Women.”

In reality, the recent feminist movement doesn’t represent all hard-working conservative women, who do not identify themselves as victims of their gender differences. I embrace my authentic femininity, as a married woman, business owner, and conservative — who accepts my gender differences with men. As a pro-life woman, I am upholding the sanctity of life from the unborn to the elderly.

Neither gender group is more dominant than the other group. We complement one another with our biological distinctions as male and female. Women need to encourage one another to be independent and believe in her own unique abilities without putting down men to be successful in today’s society. Playing the victim by protesting about income inequality between men and women will not change the circumstances of the gender gap in the workplace. Traditionally, men pursued professions in science or management with a higher salary. Meanwhile, as the nurturers, a woman’s conventional career in teaching or nursing that pays less compared to men taking a job in business or engineering.

Instead of depicting women as the weak and powerless victim in the eyes of the progressive feminist movement, let’s encourage young girls and women to take on leadership roles by embracing her femininity while breaking the glass ceiling in STEM and government jobs.

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