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Despite not knowing a darn thing about it, 66% of millennials oppose Trump budget

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Just like Congress passes bills before they know what’s in them, millennials are passing judgement on President Donald Trump’s budget before the full details are known and understood.

Millennials, which mostly get their news from Facebook, couldn’t possibly understand the impacts of Trump’s budget overhaul, but in a GenForward poll, 66 percent of young Americans say they oppose the budget because it helps the rich.

How exactly does the Trump budget help the rich?

Of course, GenForward didn’t ask them that — or ask if they know what was even in the budget at all — but I think we all know what the answer would have been. Most Americans, much less more apathetic millennials, have had the time to review the budget. At best, they’ve seen mainstream articles blasting it without fully reporting the details in the plan.

To the confused millennials in this poll, Trump’s budget is not his tax plan, and it doesn’t increase any government services to benefit the wealthy.

These millennials are simply projecting their view of Trump on Trump’s budget, rather than understanding the document. Most of what this budget does is cut federal departments based in Washington, reform welfare, cut federal workforce pensions, and grow the military and veterans programs.

Now, it is totally reasonable to oppose these elements — I personally oppose many of the ideas in this budget — but opposing it for ‘helping the rich’ simply proves that those polled have no understanding of the budget.

Ironically, this Trump budget breaks conservative principles and expands Pell Grants and student loan forgiveness, allowing students to stop payments after a maximum of 15 years, rather than the current 20.

Furthering the irony is that GenForward, which has shown a heavy left-leaning tilt in their polls, probably asked this question to bolster the anti-Trump narrative. But, all they proved is that they and the millennials they polled didn’t read the budget or any fair coverage of it.

So, for those who want to get educated, here’s the budget overview from the administration and here’s a fair breakdown from NPR. Please educate yourselves.

At Red Alert, we try to debunk false millennial stereotypes. Unfortunately, not all stereotypes are false.

Let’s hope this GenForward poll, like other junk GenForward polls before it, are just way out of line with reality. It’s important to remember that Trump won 37 percent of the millennial vote, and that many of those polled by GenForward did not vote.

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