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Don’t believe the internet: Saudis did not donate $100 million to Ivanka’s charity


Ivanka Trump accompanied her father on his trip to Saudi Arabia and spoke about how the country could empower women through entrepreneurship.

Whether the elite group of businesswomen were simply impressed with the First Daughter or tried to impress her, the Saudis and United Arab Emirates announced that they were going to donate $100 million to the Women Entrepreneurs Fund controlled by the World Bank. The fund was created after Ivanka gave an inspirational speech in Germany last month, but she has absolutely no control or influence over it, reported The Wall Street Journal.

It was widely reported that Ivanka did not solicit the funds and the donation came as a surprise to her.

Nonetheless, almost instantly, professional Trump haters in the media slammed the donation and tried to link it to the Clinton Foundation and a pay-for-play scheme, a totally illogical and dishonest connection.

Among them were CNN’s Ana Navarro and Jim Sciutto, Huffington Post writer Aaron Vallely, actor George Takei, and Democrat activist Kaivan Shroff, who brazenly lied on Twitter and started a firestorm of criticism against the First Daughter.

Of course, none of what they asserted is remotely true, the fund has nothing to do with Ivanka and has no similarities to the Clinton Foundation.

“In my view foreign government donations to a fund run by a reputable international organization like the World Bank for a good cause are generally acceptable,” said former ethics official for the Obama Administration Norm Eisen to NPR. “Based on what we know, there’s no reason to believe that those two things did not happen.”

People in the media are willing to do anything to slam the President and his family, even if it includes lying and spreading fake news.

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