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Yale dean preaches tolerance except for ‘white trash’


Social justice warriors shouldn’t throw stones while standing in their own glass houses. This is especially true if they’re a dean at Yale University who championed diversity and cultural sensitivity.

June Chu, a dean of Yale’s Pierson College, had to apologize on Saturday after students exposed screenshots of her making race-based insults towards white people in some Yelp reviews, reported The New York Post.

“To put it quite simply: If you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you!” Chu said in a review of a Japanese eatery. “This establishment is definitely not authentic by any stretch of any imagination and perfect for those low class folks who believe this is a real night out. Over salted and greasy food. Side note: employees are Chinese, not Japanese.”

In another review, she criticized how authentic a store’s Japanese rice cakes tasted and said they weren’t authentic enough to pass an Asian person.

“Remember: I am Asian,” Chu said. “I know mochi. These are not good and overpriced. They are ice cream mochi which are small in size and easily become freezer burned if not stored well … I guess if you were a white person who has clue what mochi is, this would be fine for you.”

In other reviews, she called movie theater employees “barely educated morons trying to manage snack orders for the obese.”

That’s a lot of hate for someone who preaches compassion and tolerance.

Chu apologized to students in an e-mail and was not asked to leave her job by Pierson College Head Stephen Davis.

“I have learned a lot this semester about the power of words and about the accountability that we owe one another,” Chu said in the e-mail to the students. “My remarks were wrong. There are no two ways about it. Not only were they insensitive in matters related to class and race; they demean the values to which I hold myself and which I offer as a member of this community.”

Would Chu be as accepting of another professor who’d apologize for making similar remarks?

The dean is not alone. Plenty of social justice warriors portray themselves as righteous fighters for tolerance, but, in real life, are as much of a shady judgmental b*tch as most drag queens.

It would help society that instead of having more tolerance we’d be more honest about ourselves and others.

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