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Notre Dame students plan to protest Mike Pence’s commencement speech


Most college students would be honored to have the Vice President speak at their college graduation, but not the liberal students who attend the University of Norte Dame who plan to protest his commencement speech.

Indy Star reported on Thursday that between 50 and 100 students plan on protesting Mike Pence’s commencement address by staging a walk out while the Vice President is speaking.

The students’ anger with Pence dates back to when he was governor of Indiana and signed a religious objections law back in 2015. Many students feel that it was an attack on the LGBTQAAI community.

Other groups including We Go High! of St. Joseph County, Michiana Alliance for Democracy, South Bend Equality, and Planned Parenthood Community Action Partners of Northwestern Indiana also plan to protest Pence outside the university gates.

Paul Browne, Norte Dame’s spokesman, said that he doesn’t expect the protest to actually happen and will only intervene if their protest disrupts the ceremony.

Back in 2009 when former President Obama spoke at Notre Dame’s graduation, some students and pro-life activists were arrested for marching on campus.

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