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‘Mom’ chooses Planned Parenthood over Emmy Awards


Hollywood is working on overtime to show how much they plan to resist the Trump agenda, even at the cost of an Emmy Award.

CBS’s show Mom starring Allison Janney and Anna Farris has been a big Emmy Award winner in the past and was expected to launch an expensive $250,000 campaign to snag another couple of awards in 2017. At last minute, however, they changed their plans and decided to donate all the funds to Planned Parenthood instead, reported Entertainment Weekly.

The abortion mill praised the show for donating to them especially as Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration are threatening to cut their funding.

“In Los Angeles County alone, we answer approximately 2,000 calls each day from people asking us for help,” Sue Dunlap, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood, said in a statement. “Across the country, millions of women and men are relying on Planned Parenthood health centers for their basic care — like birth control, life-saving cancer-screenings, and STD testing and treatment. We are committed to being here for them, no matter what. Generous support from our community fuels this work, and we are honored that the team behind Mom is launching this campaign at this critical time.”

Janney, who also played White House Press Secretary C. J. Gregg in The West Wing, has been a long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood and an outspoken liberal Democrat. However, for a celebrity to forgo an award brings her to a new level of left-wing wokeness.

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