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House of Cards star backs Michelle Obama for president [VIDEO]

(Image via House of Cards/Netflix)

The 2016 election only happened six months ago, yet liberals cannot stop talking about prospective candidates to run in the future.

House of Cards co-star Robin Wright while promoting the show’s upcoming season on Netflix suggested a familiar name for the role, former First Lady Michelle Obama.

At the Cannes Film Festival’s Women in Motion event on Thursday, Wright told reporters, “I was thinking about the year 2024. I want Michelle Obama up there. She’d be a great female candidate. It does take time to break the mold.”

It’s not new that people want Michelle to run. As soon as Trump won the election in November, the internet clamored for the former First Lady to run in 2020. She has zero interest.

While promoting House of Cards, Wright told the audience that life is imitating art a little too close for comfort. “Trump’s stolen all of our ideas for season six.”

Without giving too many spoilers away for those who aren’t up to speed, Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) and his wife, Claire (played by Wright), ruthlessly maneuver their way from Congress to the White House through dirty politics, manipulation, and murder. Somehow, the Underwoods attempt to cling to power in a very authoritarian way.

So, yes, the Trumps are exactly like the Underwoods in every single way. Well done, Hollywood.

Watch part of the interview below:

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