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DePaul University cancels Gavin McInnes speech for being too dangerous


Gavin McInnes, the founder of Proud Boys and Vice, was disinvited by DePaul University where he was set to give a speech on May 30th. The school’s President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider sent an e-mail notifying students of the cancellation and stated that the provocateur was just too dangerous.

In the e-mail sent out on Tuesday, Holtschneider complained that McInnes told his supporters to fight back if Antifa attacked them and that crossed the line for the university president.

“After clashes outside his February event at New York University, McInnes told his followers: ‘We’re the only ones fighting these guys and I want you to fight them, too. It’s fun. When they go low, you go lower,” the e-mail read. “Our students’ well-being remains our highest priority, and therefore DePaul is rescinding McInnes’s invitation to speak on campus.”

DePaul’s College Republicans slammed Holtschnieder’s decision as biased.

“It is incumbent upon the general populace, especially institutions like Universities, to stand up to thugs. Gavin was doing just that,” the College Republicans said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. “When groups like Antifa show up, cowardly donning black masks and throwing glass bottles stuffed with M80 fire crackers at civilians, someone needs to do something. Anything. But, as DePaul has shown, they refuse to. In fact, they often penalize those who will stand up to and speak out against violence.”

McInnes has insisted that he wasn’t calling for violence, but was telling his supporters they should fight back when attacked. He joked on Twitter that he might be able to speak at DePaul if he said “thank you sir, may I have another” every time he was pepper sprayed.

DePaul has its own reputation for supporting violence. When Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at the University in May 2016, protestors rushed the stage, threatening the former Breitbart editor. The Huffington Post reported that the school security did nothing to stop them and they were given “stand down” orders by the school’s former president.

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