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Conservative students excluded from meeting after prof. calls GOP ‘the enemy’

OCC Republican President Vincent Wetzel stands before the OCC Board of Trustees testifying about Prof. Olga Cox. Now, he’s fighting with another professor over thought discrimination. (Photo via Orange County Register)

The faculty at Orange Coast College sure know how to stay out of the news.

Months after OCC professor Olga Cox was videotaped calling Donald Trump’s election victory an “act of terrorism,” another liberal professor is trying to scrap with the College Republicans.

Jessica Alabi, a sociology and gender studies professor at OCC, allegedly excluded three members of the college’s Republican group from the African-American/Women’s roundtable discussion because of their political affiliation.

According to CR President Vincent Wetzel, he and two other members, Secretary Hakeem Siddiqi and Membership Director Alejandro Vargas, entered the discussion room and were immediately berated by Alabi.

“She leapt to her feet and told me ‘you cannot be here.’ I wasn’t even able to make it across the threshold [of the multicultural center],” Wetzel told Red Alert Politics in an email, noting that Alabi knows of his reputation as a Republican. “[They] got so triggered by me showing up with two other Republicans (and, horror of horrors, they were straight white males!) that two members of their club left in tears. Thankfully, one of those members returned, but she brought campus security along with her.”

He continued. “Professor Alabi admitted that they had no grounds to throw us out of the meeting, but she made it quite clear that we were most unwelcome.”

Wetzel went on to say that Alabi was incredibly rude in a subsequent one-on-one conversation. “[She] referred to me during this conversation as ‘the enemy’ and said that I was violating the feminist club’s ‘safe space’ by showing up to their meeting. She acknowledged that I had every right to be there, but she said I was ‘abusing my privilege’ by showing up to their club.”

The College Republican president said that he was just going to drop the whole thing after it happened. However, the CR’s attained Alabi’s emails via a California Public Records Request in which she wrote in to college officials and the president of the school Dennis Harkins that “if the college will not stand up to the Republicans club, I have decided to stand up for myself and other students.”

That did not sit well with Wetzel. His group sent out a press release demanding that Alabi be investigated and suspended for her actions.

“It is clear that her discriminatory actions cannot be tolerated,” Wetzel said to Red Alert. “Our club has been a huge force in protecting the most marginalized minority group on our campus (aka conservatives/Republicans), and it would be wrong of us to allow for a professor to engage in discrimination and bigotry like this without being held accountable.”

He continued. “This professor is the worst of the worst. She is a 3rd wave cancerous feminist SJW (social justice warrior). The students of OCC deserve better than this woman.”

Prof. Alabi has not yet returned a request for comment about the allegations.

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