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Bernie Bro Killer Mike makes the case against big govt., he just doesn’t realize it


Killer Mike has become a progressive hero having campaigned for Bernie Sanders and championing progressive positions against police brutality and financial equality. However, during an appearance on Problematic with Moshe Kasher, the rapper gave a great argument for supporting limited government.

On Tuesday’s episode about gun control, Killer Mike said that he was a gun advocate because he trusted himself over the government.

Co-panelist Ana Marie Cox said handguns should be regulated more than rifles because they’re used for the sole purpose of killing people and not hunting. Mike rebuffed her argument by using a limited government perspective.

“I trust me more than I trust the state,” Mike said. “And as a black guy, I trust me more than I trust any police officer.”

Mike said he respects cops, but they cannot respond to a robbery in real time. Someone who owns a gun can. He outraged the liberal host by supporting an absolute right to own firearms.

Understanding that you can provide for your personal safety better than the state is a conservative argument, but it wasn’t the only one he made throughout the show.

Later on in the show, Cox, also a gun owner, said that it’s important for liberals to arm themselves since Trump was elected because she doesn’t trust the federal government to protect her.

“That’s what black people have felt like forever,” Mike replied.

The rapper also gave an approving gesture to Cox when she gave her final thought that liberals should buy guns to fight against a government that could become fascist.

Mike may not be willing to associate himself with libertarianism or conservative philosophy for one reason or another, but it is the cornerstone of his arguments on gun ownership is important.

It also can be expanded to other areas: a government who can not adequately protect you in real time is known to abuse its power as it grows larger and more intrusive probably shouldn’t be running the nation’s entire healthcare system.

Watch the episode here.

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