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Recesses, feel-good bills, and delays: Ryan and McConnell are stalling Trump’s agenda


The President’s agenda is under assault, but it’s not from the media, Democrats, or deep state agitators. No, Trump’s biggest problem is that Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are leading a ‘do-nothing Congress.’

Since May 1st, the House have voted on just 21 bills including eight resolutions and two journal approvals, and no change is on the horizon.

According to Fox Newsthe House has been off most of the month and is set to vote on “feel-good legislation designed to show support for law enforcement” before going on another 11-day recess for Memorial Day.

(Screenshot of Fox News article)

McConnell’s Senate is in no better shape. There’s not a single legislative vote on their agenda this week.

That in spite of the fact that the House passed 10 minor pieces of Trump’s platform that are waiting for passage in the upper chamber. This includes a ban on the use of federal funds for abortion or health coverage that includes abortionschanges to rulemaking requirements for federal agenciesremoving antitrust exemption for insurance providers, and allowing small businesses to provide insurance through trade and professional associations.

Instead, the Senate will bring up just three low-level presidential nominees up for a vote. This process has been moving at a glacial speed allowing former Obama appointments to still run huge segments of the federal government and freeing Senators’ time to make countless TV appearances to discuss their concern with Trump.

In other words, neither Ryan nor McConnell are helping Trump. In fact, they are standing in front of his agenda, and in the process, they’re protecting their members from having to take a position on key issues including maternity leave, the wall, and draining the swamp.

How long before Trump starts reaching out to Nancy Pelosi on some issues and the President’s supporters start turning on the establishment GOP?

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