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No liberals, using a fidget spinner doesn’t make me a white supremacist

Stop hating on the fidget spinner. It works. (AP Photo)

The new thing people seem to be mad about at the kids these days for no reason is the latest toy called a fidget spinner, and now it’s being associated with white supremacy.

Fidget spinners are toys for children who deal with A.D.H.D. or are on the autism spectrum. They fit into a child’s palm where they can spin the three prongs on a wheel, providing a soothing therapeutic effect. It’s supposed to help with them concentrating.

If you’ve read the reviews currently out there, however, fidget spinners are selfish toys that are perfect for the Trump presidency.

Ian Bogost of the Atlantic tried to preach about the supremacy of the top over the fidget spinner because it’s collaborative. “[The fidget spinner] is a toy for the hand alone — for the individual. Ours is not an era characterized by collaboration between humans and earth — or Earth, for that matter. Whether through libertarian self-reliance or autarchic writ, human effort is first seen as individual effort — especially in the West.”

Even online trolls on 4chan are trying to make the fidget spinner a hallmark of white supremacy all because alt-right and white supremacist punching bag Richard Spencer may have a friend who might’ve had it in his pocket. So far, 4chan have made the “OK” hand symbol, milk, the “thumbs up,” and Pepe into signs of hate. It’s getting ridiculous.

Someone who might be woke enough about the fidget spinner might spot me in the street using one [which I absolutely have] and think I’m a white supremacist. But the truth they don’t know is I suffer from A.D.H.D. and have a mild form of Trichotillomania in which I essentially pull my hair out [you should see how patchy my eyebrows and beard get]. I’m pretty far from being a white supremacist, as I’m sure a large majority of fidget spinner users out there aren’t either.

Maybe it’s time to chill for a minute and let people with A.D.H.D., autism, and, yes, Trichotillomania cope with their disorders without being called a white supremacist.

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