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University opens segregated “Social Justice” dorms for liberal students

(Associated Press)

College students are increasingly coming out for segregation, demanding separation in graduation ceremonies, classroom discussions, and living spaces to protect them from anyone who might think differently than them.

The University of Colorado at Boulder has decided to transform one of their dorms into a “Social Justice Living Environment,” reported Campus Reform.

Hallett Hall on campus will be broken up into three sections, one for LGBTQQIP2SAA students, another for black and trans-black students, and a third for people who are excited about diversity.

Currently, the space is being used as “Spectrum LLC” to offer “social and educational activities focusing on community dialogue and support” and gender free bathrooms for LGBTQQIP2SAA students.

All students in the new dorms will have access to a peer mentor support system and more activities with the university’s gender studies, women’s resources, and diversity departments.

“We are beyond excited for the introduction of this new program and the opportunity to building communities grounded in intercultural dialogue,” Dean of Students Akirah Bradley said during the announcement of the new dorms. “We hope to foster a community of diversity and communication not only in Hallett [Hall] but all across campus.”

This is how integration dies, through the excitement of administrators to appease social justice warriors.

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