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Muslims flip out when Saudi cleric compliments Trump as a ‘servant’ of Allah

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

A Muslim cleric is being harassed on Twitter for making a public prayer for President Trump before he makes his first official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to the Middle East Monitor, Saudi cleric Saad bin Ghoniem called Trump on Twitter a ‘servant’ of Allah (God) and that he hopes the president helps the interests of Muslims.

“O Allah, Trump is one of your servants, you control him and his fate,” Ghoniem wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “Command him – willingly or not – to serve the best interests of Muslims and eliminate oppression done to them. Spare us from his evil deeds and guide him on the right path.”

In Islam, referring to anyone as one of God’s servants is a title that would revere and humble the most righteous and pious people whether they believe in Islam or not. Even the prophets that came before Muhammad like Adam, Moses, Noah, Abraham, and Jesus are all deemed ‘servants’ of Allah.

However, this did not sit well with many Muslims on social media. Instead of joining in on Ghoniem’s prayer, many started attacking him.

“I spit on your beard all you have left to do is pray he goes to heaven. Even the devil would be too ashamed to do this,” one Twitter user said while sharing an article of a US-led coalition air strike of the Iraqi city of Mosul that killed many civilians.

Another user wrote, “You think that Trump the Zionist, who is battling Islam, will do good for the religion. Shame! You will be held accountable for your words.”

Many Muslims hate Trump for the two failed travel bans on seven Muslim majority countries. While the Trump administration denies it was a ban on Muslims, his critics maintain that it was a Muslim ban because of what Trump said as a candidate after the San Bernardino attack.

It’s not hard to see that Muslims aren’t coming around to Trump anytime soon. However, praying for the president’s success shouldn’t be a reprehensible action. Disagree with Ghoniem on policy or politics all you want, but his heart is in the right place in wishing Trump well. Give him at least that.

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