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Miss USA’s victory is a major loss for third-wave feminism

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The Miss USA pageant held on Sunday evening awarded the crown to Miss District of Columbia Kara McCullough. During the question and answer period, McCullough shocked liberals for her more conservative views. Not only did she assert that healthcare is not a right but a privilege, she also rejected “man-hating feminism in favor of equal opportunity.”

“As a government employee, I am granted healthcare, and I see firsthand that for one, to have healthcare you need to have jobs. So, therefore, we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we are given the opportunity to have healthcare as well as jobs to all the American citizens worldwide,” McCullough said.

To Hollywood, liberals, and feminists, McCullough is a disgrace. First off, she isn’t the ditzy, Barbie-doll type that either has little knowledge or opinion on a particular topic. She also doesn’t just repeats the lines touted by the left. McCullough is no sheep.

McCullough is the classic example of “beauty and brains” and, dare I say, backbone. She refuses to toe the line, but states her own opinions, even if they’re controversial. Undoubtedly, McCullough will be pegged as a sexist against her own kind by liberal feminists everywhere for rejecting feminism and labeling it “man-hating,” which is exactly what it is.

Liberal feminists will come down hard on McCullough. Why? Because she hit them where it hurts. She called them out, and identified them exactly as what they are. Now that someone with a platform in the pop culture world has called out liberal feminists for what they are, they fear that people might actually listen to her — people who might not have listened to her before, people who don’t really care about such issues, but care what Miss USA has to say.

She has an especially strong sway over the young female generation dreaming of becoming the next Miss USA. As young girls across the country cling to every word McCullough says, maybe some of it will sink in.

Young girls are being raised in a culture that tells them to reject men — often being raised by mothers who were hurt or abandoned by men. However, as they reach an age where they are likely to experience the first of many heartbreaks, in a society that encourages them to reject men — perhaps McCullough’s words will sink in. They will listen to her. They will try to model her opinions. They will try to be like her. Much to the dismay of liberal feminists, McCullough’s words could have a tremendous impact and could cause a generational rejection of third-wave feminism.

UPDATE: McCullough went on Fox & Friends shortly after her comments and said, “I stand behind what I said.”

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