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Miss USA sends Social Justice Warriors into a Twitter frenzy

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Last night, an impressive young woman named Kara McCullough was crowned Miss USA at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. McCullough is a 25-year-old scientist working for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington, DC. If her résumé wasn’t impressive enough in the first place, she will go on to compete for the Miss Universe title.

During several interview questions throughout the pageant, it was revealed that McCullough had a few opinions that were not lockstep with a liberal purview. Her remarks related to feminism and healthcare sent social justice warriors into a tizzy.

When asked about healthcare, McCullough responded, “I’m definitely going to say it’s a privilege,” adding, “As a government employee, I’m granted healthcare and I see firsthand that for one to have healthcare, you need to have jobs.” Her thoughts on feminism were particularly refreshing. McCullough said, “I don’t want to call myself a feminist. Women, we are just as equal as men, especially in the workplace.” McCullough continued by saying, “I believe we’ve come a long way and there is more work to be done.”

Though far from revolutionary comments, McCullough’s remarks drew much criticism on Twitter. Instead of celebrating her success as a woman in a heavily male dominated field, or her newly awarded title of Miss USA, men and women alike opted to slam McCullough online.


One user claimed that McCullough had “no understanding of what feminism is.” Not only is this statement simply untrue, this response is completely predictable. Liberal feminists are quick to pull out a dictionary as soon as someone hesitates to declare themselves a feminist. Yes, the literal definition of a feminist is someone who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. In 2017, nobody is arguing against that, but the word “feminist” has been completely hijacked by the Left and leaves no room for women who are free thinking individuals. It is the chief reason that only 18 percent of Americans fully embrace the term and proudly declare themselves feminists.

This isn’t the first time that politics and pageant queens crossed paths. In 2015, Miss South Carolina Daja Dial left many liberals scratching their heads when she came out as a Second Amendment supporter during the Miss America pageant. When asked about gun control, Dial said, “If we teach people the proper way to use guns, then we will reduce the risk on having gun-related accidents. It starts with education.”

The instinctive outrage demonstrated by those who disagree with Kara McCullough is truly disheartening. Instead of celebrating a successful woman of color in a STEM field, the Left decided yet again to shun someone with views that are right-of-center. The sad reality is that liberals are all for diversity until it comes to diversity of thought. As soon as someone dares to step outside the groupthink lines, they erupt.

Unfortunately, this divisiveness is all too commonplace in political discourse today. Instead of encouraging an open dialogue and contributing to the marketplace of ideas, opposing views are often discredited or even silenced. Not even America’s pageant circuit is safe.

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