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“Really offensive”: Triggered activist shuts down Mexican-themed party at Princeton


Campus security has been on high alert, but not to protect students from angry mobs of Antifa protesters willing to attack anyone trying to attend an Ann Coulter speech. No, they’re focusing their time and attention on important issues like parties that could culturally appropriate minorities.

Such was the case at Princeton University on Thursday when the men’s hockey team decided to throw a Mexican-themed party to commemorate the death of lizard, reported The Daily Princetonian.

Students dressed in sombreros, ponchos, the dorm was decorated with orange streamers, and chanted ““Piñata!” and “Cinco de Mayo!”

It noteworthy to mention that this was not a Cinco de Mayo party. May 5th happened the week before.

Members of various social justice Latino organizations caught wind of the event and called public safety to shut it down because it was offending them and filed it under a noise complaint.

“With Cinco de Mayo parties, they make Mexican culture seem like it’s just about tequila and sombreros and piñatas, but it’s about other things,” said Samuel Vilchez Santiago ’19, co-president of Princeton Latinos y Amigos to The Princetonian.

“There’s this appropriation of culture that’s kind of reducing it down to a caricature, which I find really offensive considering the history of racialized violence based on those caricatures,” said Mexican-American student Danny Navarrete. “I find it offensive that they use the theme when it’s convenient for them.”

“I think people just fail to realize that it is offensive because it’s hard for them to experience it themselves,” he continued. “They have no similar experiences, being white people, so it’s just hard for them to understand that.”

Another student said it was the third Mexican-themed party they shut down this year.

“(These students) want to be Latinx for one night, but they don’t want to accept the consequences such as being racially profiled by police and discriminated against by their professors,” said Arlene Gamio, president of Princeton University Latinx Perspectives Organization.

These social justice warriors are charging party goers with guilt by having fun, claiming that wearing a sombrero should have a greater context to Latinos’ experience with police profiling. This is ridiculous.

No Italian-American college student charges groups with culturally appropriating their heritage for hosting gangster-themed events, pizza parties, or wearing fedoras.

They could complain — given Italian-Americans’ long history of being discriminated against by the government’s immigration practices, hate groups like the KKK, and businesses which refused to hire them.

Nonetheless, such a charge would be ridiculous, their claims more about trying to create deeper divisions in society than trying to tackle issues like police profiling.

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