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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the answer to Sean Spicer

Sarah Huckabee Sanders held her own in two White House press briefings. Maybe Trump should consider giving her more. (Photo via AP)

Update: Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been appointed press secretary.

For months, people have wondered if President Trump said he would bring on the best and brightest into his administration, why would he bring in a guy like Sean Spicer to be the White House’s mouthpiece?

It didn’t make sense to many in the White House press corps. as well as millions of observers. At one point during his tenure, Red Alert Politics even called for the White House Press Secretary to be fired after his Assad-Hitler comparison went horribly awry. [Don’t even get us started on Spicer hiding in among the bushes to avoid the press after FBI Director James Comey was fired.]

However, the performance of Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has impressed audiences and the press so much that Politico is now reporting that President Trump is using her fill-ins as an audition to replace Spicer.

Of course, it’s not a full-fledged endorsement from Trump that Sanders will replace Spicer, but he’s been pleasantly surprised with how well she did on Wednesday in the first White House press briefing since Comey was fired.

Sanders, 34, is the daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and has been with the Trump campaign after her father’s 2016 campaign folded. She’s proving herself to be one of the few prominent loyalists to the president, and is a testament to Trump’s reliance on millennials in government.

While Jared Kushner, 36, is the most powerful millennial in America as one of President Trump’s closest advisers, Sanders is helping restore the trust and credibility in the White House that’s been sharply undermined by Spicer.

Her continued success is paving a way for other millennials to get involved and be worthwhile contributors in the Trump administration. Sanders may not be the hero millennials need, but she’s the hero that millennials deserve.

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