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Loophole: John Oliver demands Trump tax the rich, yet refuses to pay his fair share

(Eric Liebowitz / Associated Press)

Hollywood is full of hypocrites: environmentalists with private jets, anti-gun activists with armed security guards, and late night comedians who demand Trump “tax the rich” but hide their assets using loopholes.

The New York Observer reported on Wednesday that Last Week Tonight host John Oliver had his tax attorney set up revocable trusts for him and his wife to conceal a $9.5 million apartment the couple purchased.

Oliver then used a tax loophole ironically created by Trump himself in the 1970s when he lobbied the New York State legislature as a developer.

Known as a “421-a” loophole, Oliver’s condo was only valued at $1.3 million to the city even though he paid $9.5 million and only had to pay a fraction of the normal amount of property tax.

In 2016, Oliver only had to pay $27,343 in property tax on his condo instead of the $66,390 he would have had to pay annually on the home.

The late night comedian has spent countless hours mocking conservatives in the U.S. and the U.K. for wanting to reduce the tax burden on hardworking individuals. Meanwhile, in the privacy of his accountant’s office, the hypocritical liberal wants just the same for himself.