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Comedy Central doubles down on foreign liberals telling Americans what to think

Jim Jeffries is the next foreign liberal ready to teach Americans how to think about American politics. (Photo via Comedy Central)

Following the departure of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show, Comedy Central imported the likes of South African comedian Trevor Noah, who admitted he was fairly new to American politics, to man the helm of left-wing political satire.

Now, they’re importing another comic from overseas to tell their largely liberal millennial audience what to think about politics. Comedy Central announced Australian comic Jim Jeffries will begin hosting a 10-episode weekly political talk show on June 6th at 10:30 pm titled The Jim Jeffries Show.

Jeffries is no stranger to American politics. In 2015, Jeffries bit from his 2014 stand-up special “Bare” went viral by the left because of his stance in support of gun control. In February, Jeffries told Piers Morgan on Real Time with Bill Maher to “f–k off” for saying there’s no Muslim ban.

Shortly after that clip went viral, Comedy Central announced in March that they were ordering a weeknight series for Jeffries.

In the newly released promo for his show, Jeffries says to the camera, “I think we should get rid of waiting periods to buy guns.”

He continues in the video. “But before you buy a gun, you have to prove you had sexual intercourse with another person. Have you seen these shooter guys? Lonely looking bunch. If you can’t find someone to f–k you, then no gun!”

Watch the short NSFW video below: