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Will Macron support a Trump-like legal immigration policy? Most likely.

 (Thomas Samson/Pool Photo via AP)

(Thomas Samson/Pool Photo via AP)

Emmanuel Macron ran for President of France as the pro-European Union, pro-globalism, and anti-nationalism candidate. Yet back in February, while attempting to arrogantly sneer at Donald Trump during a speech to a crowd of supporters, Macron endorsed the same immigration policy that the President championed as a candidate.

“I want all those who today embody innovation and excellence in the United States to hear what we say: from now on, from next May, you will have a new homeland, France,” Macron said, reported Reuters. “Researchers, academics and companies in the United States fighting obscurantism and who are afraid today.”

Concluding his speech with a dig at Trump’s proposal for a border wall, Macron in all his liberal elitism endorsed the same kind of restrictionist policy nationalists embrace.

Macron notably only wanted entrepreneurs, business owners, and educated STEM workers.

He didn’t call for chain migration, diversity visas recipients, DREAMers, H2B blue collar workers, or anyone with $500,000 who can apply for an EB5 visa for their entire family.

The immigration system that Trump criticized during his candidacy, and has made small attempts to reform as President flood the country with low-skilled immigrants that depress wages and compete with blue collar Americans.

Why didn’t Macron say, “give me all the children from America’s 100 worst school districts and unemployment middle-aged men from Ohio and West Virginia?” Why did he want the people who live and work in Silicon Valley instead of those who live in Calexico — the border town riddled with criminal gangs, drugs, and low-skilled workers?

If it’s good enough for the France and Macron, why is that same immigration vision not good enough for Trump and the United States?

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