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White working class millennials lean far more Republican than their parents

(Paul Moseley/Star-Telegram via AP)

(Paul Moseley/Star-Telegram via AP)

Millennials have become one of the most important constituencies for Democrats, but their support has been waning which was one of the many reasons Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. Working class white millennials have been completely abandoned by the Democratic Party — and have become even more Republican than their parents.

In a new report by The Atlantic, 57 percent of working class white millennials identify as either solidly or lean Republican while just 29 percent said they lean or are solidly Democrat. This is even more right-wing than Baby Boomers, 51 percent of whom are Republicans and 36 percent are Democrats.

The movement towards the right is almost entirely economic and cultural, given that working-class white millennials are much less religious than their parents. Just 49 percent of them say they believe in an organized faith while 47 percent are unaffiliated.

Despite not gaining much sympathy from mainstream media outlets, celebrities, or political figures, working class whites are suffering — especially millennials. With the exception of senior citizens, every age group of working class whites said their economic situation was getting worse and not better. This is especially true for millennials 30 percent said their personal wealth has diminished while only 18 percent said it’s improved.

Millennials are¬†generally checking out of civic and religious activities and delaying major life events such as home ownership and marriage. As Harvard Professor Robert Putnam wrote over a decade ago, they’re “bowling alone.”

Shockingly, even though working class whites overwhelmingly supported Trump in the 2016 election, a majority don’t believe he knows the problems going on in their communities. A total of 51 to 42 percent trust that the President is informed of their concerns.


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