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Berkeley teachers union: “Education is political work”



Liberal college students have turned their campuses into political and free speech war zones, attacking anyone with a different opinion than their own. No place is worse than at Berkeley. A rally held on May Day by the city’s high school and grade school teachers showed that student indoctrination is beginning at a very early age.

The Berkeley Federation of Teachers hosted a rally on May 1 to protest the Trump Administration and encouraged their high school pupils to attend. They even invited some up to speak on stage about how they feel they’re under attack by the President.

According to a Berkeley High School student who attended the rally but wished to remain anonymous, the protest was held across the street from his school. The student told Red Alert Politics that she regularly sees left-wing propaganda at her school, but was a little taken back when her English teacher Robin Green asked her students to attend the early morning protest at 9:15 AM.

Usually, school opens early on Monday and teachers can meet their students to provide extra help, but that day they were busy protesting Trump.

“I’d like to offer a pledge,” said one teacher who was speaking at the event. “I’ve been in kind of a bunker mentality for the last four or five months maybe you can relate. I’ve been freaked out and scared and today that ends now.”

“I promise to educate all of my students whether you consider them illegal or not,” the teacher said in his address to the President. “I promise to work for a future in which income is equitably distributed across all segments of society. I promise to prioritize the health and longevity of the planet over corporate greed. I promise to speak out against discrimination against women and the LGBTQ community. I oppose the brown shirts who have besieged our city in recent weeks. I promise to base my thoughts and opinions on factual facts instead of alternative facts.”

The host of the rally told the teachers to remember that “education is political work” and are involved in shaping students.

Far-left Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín was also in attendance, thanking teachers for their political activism and said how he hoped for the impeachment of President Trump and how proud he was that the city was a sanctuary city.