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Writer seriously asks: ‘Did South Park accidentally invent the alt-right?’

4 times liberal protestors and South Park’s ‘PC principal’ said the same thing

Screen Shot – Comedy Central

South Park, the beloved Comedy Central original, unafraid of political backlash and bearer of unapologetic crude humor, is under criticism for unintentionally being the catalyst for the alternative-right movement, according to Janan Ganesh in the Financial Times.

Janan Ganesh is an FT writer and co-author of Compassionate Conservatism. Last week, Ganesh wrote that the perception that South Park’s satire antagonizes many values cherished by the liberal establishment is the reason why the alt-right has become acceptable.

The alt-right, for intent and purposes, are fracture right-wingers who skew farthest on the right and reject traditional conservatism. They upheld a strong notion an exclusively white dominate culture is the pathway to “Make America Great Again.”

He went on to compare the appeal of President Donald J. Trump to Eric Cartman, who, to those who are unaware: he is objectively TV’s most likable racist, anti-semitic sexist.

Ganesh noted in rebelling in a culture war waged between left and right, to which he implied the liberals dominate, the left has lost its competitive edge thanks in part their radical approach addressing issues on race, gender, sexual preference, climate change, civil liberties, mental health, and religion.

Ganesh fails to recognize the average viewer of South Park, and quite probably the average Trump supporter. He does not know who or what is alt-right. He is not politically informed, and they most certainly are not allying their beliefs with a paper-cutout inspired cartoon.

There is a greater likelihood the alt-right community brewed from mutual but not exclusively immoral haters of both Democrats and Republicans who grandstand moral authority and policies favoriting people of color. These non-purists partisans demonized those who criticize their white American utopia and spread their ignorance using internet memes on multiple platforms. However, South Park mocks all races including white characters. Most of the white characters on South Park appear oblong or caricature as “white trash.”

Not all anti-liberal jokes come from an alt-right comedian, and not all of them are legitimately pushing a “white men rulez”  narrative. But mainstream liberals are too trigger-happy, no pun intend, to call out sounded judgment.

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