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The end of inclusion? Harvard to host racially segregated graduation event



In a mere two generations, the left has moved from demanding racial inclusion and an end to discrimination to the desire for a safe space free of anyone who has a different political philosophy, opinions, or race.

Even an elite school like Harvard University has fallen victim to the demands of social justice warriors, who are demanding separate graduation events for black students.

The Root reported on Friday that black students would be hosting a graduation event for blacks only.

The event is set to highlight the particular struggles that blacks face in their effort to graduate from college. Additionally, they will be congratulated for overcoming their particular disadvantages and hardships including racism, microaggressions, and marginalization in reading assignments and learning materials.

Harvard has an African and African American Studies courses, but the students probably don’t feel as if that’s enough.

It’s set to cost about $27,000, raised by the students themselves, and the attendees will still attend the formal graduation that includes all races.

Despite the feelings of exclusion, Harvard has one of the highest graduation rates for black students of 96 percent in a six-year period. According to The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, that’s far above the average, 69 percent of blacks who attend college drop out in the first few years.

Results apparently don’t matter as much as feelings, because black students still insist that they don’t receive proper support.

“Harvard’s institutional foundation is in direct conflict with the needs of Black students,” Courtney Woods, a master degree student in education policy and management said to The Root. “There is a legacy of slavery, epistemic racism and colonization at Harvard, which was an institution founded to train rising imperialist leaders. This is a history that we are reclaiming.”

The future is very grim when its future leaders see everything as a guise of victimhood, division, and feelings over facts.

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